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CABLE ACCESSORIES AND GLANDS PVT LTD are manufactures of wide range of  Brass Aluminium S.S. ( Stainless Steel ) Cable Glands & Accessories for different Environments and Cable Construction applications. Many of the indoor outdoor cable Glands comply in performance with B. S. 6121: 1989. Today, CABLE ACCESSORIES AND GLANDS PVT LTD , is a leading name as a Brass Cable Glands manufacturer known in the world. 

We are pleased to introduce CABLEACC range of Earthing and Lighting protection equipment as shown in this catalogue. In addition to the above mentioned range of products, we are also offering Brass Conduit Fittings,Copper Cable Lugs, Line taps, Split Bolts, Brass Battery terminals,Brass screws Bolts Nuts Fasteners, Neutral Links earth bars,terminal blocks  etc


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